"The elements of my work often have a geometric expression. I find I am naturally drawn to
organizing shapes according to the golden ratio. Using ageless principles of design, I like to
capture the sparkle of something that left me awestruck and duplicate that feeling for the
viewer. I especially enjoy creating art with musical concepts. I find there is a natural connection
between music and art.  I delight in creating an arrangement with paint the way a composer
arranges notes in a song."


“Using the math principles master artists considered to be divine proportions, I am able to
create contemporary compositions from formulas that date back to ancient Greece.  In my
findings I realized the golden 1.6 ratio and divine proportions that our eyes like to see are the
same ones our ears like to hear. But what about color, could this ratio also apply to color
mixing? The logical next step for me was to apply the circle of fifths, a geometrical
representation of the relationship between the pitches, to the color wheel, a geometrical
representation of the relationships between colors. I found the golden 1.6 ratio between
numbers that make 3+5=8 and notes like C+E= harmony, are the same principles that make
red+blue=purple. This exciting discovery allows me to give each note a color and create color
combinations as chords. Have you ever wondered what blue would sound like? My paintings
are designed to communicate the joy of art and inspire wonder.”


•        UW/Cascadia Campus- Beyond this Door, Bothell, WA, 2011 (Permanent Display)
•        EAFA  36th Open Juried Exhibition, Seattle WA, 2011, (Chair of Show)
•        Bellevue Arts Glass Pumpkin Patch, Bellevue, WA, 2011 (Featured Artist)
•        Local Color--Parklane Gallery, Kirkland, WA 2011
•        Macy’s Gallery, Seattle, WA 2011
•        Chelan Juried Arts Festival, Chelan, WA,  2011 and 2010 (Award)
•        EAFA  35th Open Juried Exhibition, Bellevue, WA, 2010, (Co-Chair of Show)
•        Live Arts Bothell, Bothell, WA, 2011, 2010, 2009 (Featured Artist 2009)
•        Kenmore Juried Arts Show, Kenmore, WA, 2009 (Award)
•        Arts of Snohomish Juried Art Show, Snohomish, WA 2009 (Second Place Award)


•        Kaewyn Gallery, Bothell, WA
•        Main Street Gallery, Chelan, WA
•        Music Shoppe, Burlington, WA
• (on-line)


•        The Sketchbook Project 2012 World Tour, Published by Art House, Brooklyn, NY 2012
•        Woodinville Weekly, August, 2010
•        Woodinville Weekly, Feb. 2009
•        Spirituality of Music, Published by Northstone, Canada, 2008


•        Women Painters of Washington, (Member)
•        Eastside Association of Fine Arts, (Board Member)
•        Artists Trust, (Member)
•        YMCA, Art Instructor, (Staff)
•        Arts Umbrella, (Guest Artist)

                   Kristin’s artwork can  also been seen nationally and internationally.
"Every child is an artist, the problem
is keeping them one".
                   Pablo Picasso
Kristin Morris

MEDIUMS: Acrylic, Oil, and Glass
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All rights Reserved